Strategic Partnerships

Forming networks with partners, experts and sales agencies that complement each other or produce synergies allows us to provide operation services that are superior to our competitors'.


Our partners help us accommodate changing workloads and skills required by our customers.This contributes to reduction in lead times while ensuring quality.

We have more than enough resources and a management system set in place that we have acquired through Operations & Maintenance, which makes it possible for us to operate globally.

We have optimized our operations with companies abroad by taking full advantage of our resources and system.


Forming a highly specialized network outside of the company makes high-level solutions possible.

CAE Konwa-kai (CAE Conference)

What is the CAE Konwa-kai?

The CAE Konwa-kai allows dissemination and education of CAE technologies outside the confines of one's own organization.

We have formed a network with CAE experts from different industiries for the growth of our CAE business.

e-F@ctory Alliance

What is e-F@ctory Alliance?

e-F@ctory Alliance constitutes a network of partners and a system to provide software for the products made by Mitsubishi Electric.

Through partnership with system developers the alliance provides optimal solutions to customers.

We fulfill costomer needs in cooperation with our partners by using our skills and knowledge in Operations and Maintenance with our service, SIS(Service Information Solutions).

DITA Consortium Japan

What is DITA Consortium Japan?

It is an organization whose mission is to spread the use of DITA and record know-how/technologies that employ DITA.

We collect technical information on and examples of DITA usage and support our customers in improving their system of information transmission by advocating and proposing the use of DITA.

Engineering Research Institute of Nagoya

What is the Engineering Research Institute of Nagoya?

It actively provides services that aim to improve manufactuaring technologies and support corporate R&D.

We employ their services for the testing, analysis, and measurement of our CAE analysis results.

Sales Agency

We are providing technical support as an authorized distributor of major overseas software companies with a focus on providing effective solutions to customers.


What is PTC?

It is a company that provides a technological platform that has become a de-facto standard for the management of information typically used for after-sales services.

We have created a new service by combining our own manual authoring / spare part management technologies with PTC's packaged software.


What is Raytheon?

Raytheon Company is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cybersecurity solutions.

Founded in 1922, Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration, capabilities in C5I (command, control,

communications, computing, cyber and intelligence), sensing, effects and mission support services.

We are the first to conclude an agency contract with Raytheon in Japan on the sale of the CSDB (Common Source Database) that has manual authoring / data management capabilities in compliance with the S1000D standard. We support our costomers in the authoring of manuals that comply with the S1000D standard.