CAE (Analysis)


CAE Analysis is a profession that performs simulations of phenomena such as crashing, strengths and vibration. The data produced by CAE analysis is used for safety verification in a variety of industries such as automobiles, aircraft, and construction.

CAE has come to play a leading role in the development process. We have focused on CAE for more than 20 years and have accumulated know-how in the automotive and aircraft fields.

CAE Examples

Introduction of our Analytical Technologies

Our CAE System Environment

Mesh Generation HyperMesh
Strength/ Vibration/ Shock Analysis RADIOSS
Flow Analysis AcuSolve
Structural Optimization OptiStruct
Mechanism Analysis MotionSolve
Press-forming Analysis HyperForm
Extrusion Analysis HyperXtrude
Post-processing HyperView
Pre-processing Oasys Primer
Others We can also support Nastran, LS-Dyna, etc.
Design Tools CATIA V4, V5

How we work

  1. We share the results of the analysis with our own mechanical design department, which makes it possible for us to provide structural proposals that take into account optimization and the manufacturing requirements.
  2. Our partners abroad help us accommodate short lead times and heavy workloads while ensuring high quality.
  3. Our engineer outsourcing service comes with leading engineers and an engineer management system, which allows our customers to use the manpower of our engineers without incurring the cost and time to manage them.

Our expertise


Optimization Analysis, Crash Analysis, Mechanism Analysis, Strength/Stiffness Analysis, Vibration Analysis, Noise Analysis, Thermal fluid Analysis


Strength Analysis, Optimization Analysis

Plant Facilities

Seismic Analysis


Outsourcing partnership with Indian companies enables us to accommodate changing workloads and skills required by our customers.

It has contributed to the reduction in the costs and lead times for our customers while ensuring quality.