Mechanical Design


We organized a specialized group of mechanical design engineers, and have been providing services that support mechanical design such as creation of three-dimensional CAD data and technical drawings, etc.

Our System Environment

Our mechanical design engineers will perform simplified analysis as well as mesh generation taking full advantage of the CAE skills and knowledge we have at our disposal. Hybridization in our human resources accelerates efficiency improvements in our services.

  • CATIA V5
  • CCD
  • Hyperworks (ShimLab)
  • SCRYU/Tetra

How we work

  1. We have experts who have always worked on the front line of automotive design and quality control, continuously maintaining and improving our technical capabilities and quality.
  2. High Security Environment: We have passed external secuirty audits by our customers. We also regularly perform internal audits.
  3. Our engineer outsourcing service comes with leading engineers and an engineer management system, which allows our customers to use the manpower of our engineers without incurring the cost and time to manage them.

Our expertise


Conceptual Design, Detail Design and Technical Drawing of Engine/Body and Interior/Exterior Parts

Control Design of Electronics (ECU, Audio, Column Switches, etc.), Automotive Layout, Motion Analysis and Assessment


Conceptual Design, Detail Design and Technical Drawing of Wings/Body